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Media Release for the book SHINE

In 2021 I commenced working on a beautiful concept; Art and Poetry collaboration. I was lucky to be invited by my amazing friend to work with her on this incredible book. I have created almost 200 drawings for this project, only half ended up in the book. It is a real labour of love. I read each poem, I was touched by the words and meanings. I was able to produce a work inspired by the words. For some of the poems Skylar knew exactly what she wanted me to draw and I followed her lead. Sometimes she chose a drawing from a pile that I have produced over the weeks that just kept pouring out of me. Sometimes I just knew what to draw right away, sometimes I had to wait for the inspiration.

I have now produced 38+8 full drawings. Those were created out of the pages from the book. So, at first I would draw an image that would accompany the poem, it could have been on a side or top or bottom. However for the upcoming exhibition I filled the pages with additional art, the previews for the exhibition were available here.

Now we are taking the Book, Spoken Word and Art on a  tour around UK, Ireland, Scotland and Paris. I will keep you updated through my Facebook account - so follow me  or the follow the book 

Click on the images below to see descriptions. 

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