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Very Informal About Me

I have been encouraged by my mother from a very young age to draw. My mum was an artist and a teacher in Poland. I do admire her for her survival skills throughout the many hardships she faced. Now in Australia she still paints and draws but not as much as she should, but neither did I until recently.

I studied art at Sydney College of the Arts in the 90s. However, I have not pursued my artistic abilities. Instead, I worked in the Retail, Administration, Internet and Information Technology areas, Training, HR, Vocational Education including Business, Aged Care and Allied Health, and lately, working with special needs children as an Educational Assistant. I have done so many different things. Loved them all and always strove to deliver my best.

Now I can finally dedicate myself to ART. I draw and paint mainly. I am often asked what medium do I use. Well, it depends on a project of course. I use pencils and coloured pencils, and soft and hard pastels, oil pastels, charcoal, acrylic, water colour, oil. Am I a master in one? Nope, I am learning still, as an artist I am forever a student discovering and honing my skills.

Recently I have been involved in some exciting projects. Creating a cover for Pieces of Humanity (click on the link above) and a collaboration project called SHINE! 

Here are couple more documents about me:


Neshka Turner the Artist bio created for the book and a tour of UK and Europe

Media Release for the book SHINE

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